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About Shavon Mariah Investments, LLC

Find Your Home, Find Your Anchor

Dr. Shavon Mariah Brooks, LMSW, HS-BCP, CAMS II,GRI is the CEO of Shavon Mariah Investments, LLC and sponsored by Berkshire Hathaway. Shavon is a member of Austin Board of REALTORS®, Texas Association of REALTORS®, Williamson Country Association of REALTORS®, American Association of Notaries® and licensed to practice Real Estate in the State of Texas. She has her PHD in Medical Social Work, Board Certified Human Service Practitioner, Founder of Shavon Mariah Social Services and Shavon Mariah Social Service Luggage Foundation which is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. She also holds a Financial Social Work Certification to help educate individuals on making the journey to Financial Wellbeing, Credit and Debit Basics, Personal Spending and Saving Plan, and Saving and Investing Basics. The Mission of Shavon Mariah Investments, LLC is to help not only Texas Medical Professionals and Healthcare Workers but all Individuals, and Families find a place they call,"HOME". “Find Your Anchor, Find Your Purpose” is now expanding to, “Find Your Home, Find Your Anchor.”

Trusted Community and Behavioral Health Worker Doctor, Ambitious & Results Driver Realtor”

I am a professional who understand the needs of my clients will ALWAYS come first. No matter what obstacles you have experienced or will experience we will take the steps to overcome each one as Shavon Mariah investments, LLC will be with you each step of the way.

Shavon Mariah Investments, LLC believes that we as individuals have to start somewhere. Investing in our home either from Renting or Buying is a step towards success. Don't forget investing in land is the foundation for our future. By investing in our communities and the individuals who reside we are investing in a Place We Call Home.

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Shavon Mariah Investments, LLC


Austin, Texas

Work Cell: 737-781-3028

Texas GRI Sales Agent License Number: 734750                          

Sponsoring Broker: Austin Area Realty Group, LLC Sponsoring Broker License #: 523750

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